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Bespoke Wedding Invitation Liverpool – Featured on FPO



Bespoke Wedding Invitation Liverpool – Featured on FPO

The date was in the diary, lots had to be done, but as two designers, a bespoke Wedding Invitation design was high priority.

The wedding was taking place at night so we went with an astrononmy theme, we loved the vintage constellation maps, so opted to put a modern twist on a smilar format. The map was produced with each guests names featured as part of a constellation alongside friends or family. We wanted to keep the inviation minimal but soon realised there is a lot of information needed for these things. To avoid cluttering the design we directed guests to a website we created which featured an online RSVP form, a grand total of 4 people used that. The A3 map was printed on Navy GF Smith Colour Plan stock with copper foiling, hand tied with butchers string and presented in a personalised butt jointed tube.

We got some strange looks when we handed over the invitations, espeically from the older generation, some smiled politely, some said “you should have just text me the date”, but most liked it for being different. For us the main goal was to design something unique and enjoy the freedom of working to our own brief. It was a personal project with no client or restrictions, a test of our design and print knowledge but the biggest challenge of all was completing a design project with your fianc√©, luckily we made it a success.

More details featured here on the For Print Only Blog.

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